Fuji Xerox Australia has launched the DocuWide C842, the fastest wide format device currently available in the market.

The device has a colour output speed of 152.4 mm/sec with 1067mm or 42-inch wide print capabilities. It has five print heads arranged and fixed in a zigzag formation. It features waterafall like technology where the ink produces consistent print quality of 1600×1600 dots per inch (dpi) output resolution, eliminating air bubbles and impurities.

Businesses can also minimise paper waste with the smart eco-design features of the DocuWide C842. Paper is supplied via four rolls providing flexibility for different output sizes. In addition, sample prints can be previewed before final printing in ink saving mode, effectively cutting down ink consumption by up to 40 per cent.

According to Simon Lane, Fuji Xerox Australia executive general manager, marketing/CMO, the printer is most ideal for industries such as retail given its quick turnaround time.

“Variable data and customisation for franchise, retail stores and the ability to put out messages by store and different price points, that’s going be a key critical piece. Associated with that is the quick turnaround time and respond to market demand,” he said.

The DocuWide C842 will be on show at the Fuji Xerox Australia Freedomland stand at this year’s PacPrint Exhibition in Melbourne, 21-25 May. For more information on Fuji Xerox Australia at PacPrint head to http://bit.ly/16fSENC