Square Stand


Payments disruptor Square has today launched Square Stand, an out-of-the-box solution that transforms an iPad into a fully integrated point-of-sale (POS) system.

Promising to clear your counter of clutter and allow you to run your entire operation from a countertop device, the $299 system integrates with Square’s POS software and includes a Square Reader and Dock and an iPad stand.

To start accepting contactless and chip payments with Square Stand you simply connect an iPad to the stand, download Square’s POS software and plug in the card reader.

The product release represents Square’s latest expansion into the Australian market, after 18 months of local growth. Tens of thousands of Australian businesses already use Square, many of them micro and small businesses, and Australian country manager Ben Pfisterer said Square Stand will appeal to more established retailers who want a countertop system rather mobile options like the Square Reader.

Square Stand

Nathan Smith, managing director of The Plant Society in Melbourne, with Square Stand.

“There is an overwhelming demand from Square sellers to find better countertop solutions that can help them streamline their operations as they grow and move into more fixed locations,” he said.

“Square Stand for contactless and chip is designed specifically to address the countertop needs for businesses of any size, location, or complexity.”

Pfisterer said the product launch represents Square’s commitment to grow with the needs of local businesses.

“Square’s original mission was to help Australian businesses start, run, and grow. Now with our expanding list of products and services—from accepting card payments to online invoicing, inventory management, real-time analytics, and employee management—a wider range of businesses can benefit from the powerful business tools we are introducing.”

Square Stand is available to purchase online or through Officeworks.


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