PayPal Australia has today released research showing that a quarter of Australians now refuse to shop at cash-only businesses. Moreover, half of Aussie consumers report that they find cash-only organisations hard to do business with.

The research comes as PayPal announces the general availability of its NFC-enabled PayPal Here Tap-and-Go device today.

The research shows that on average Aussies can save up to 3 hours and 54 minutes of transaction time every month by only using tap and go when making purchases and that the majority of Australians prefer to use tap and go whenever they can because they find it easier (69%) and quicker (71%) than chip and pin.

The PayPal Here Tap and Go device launching today has been engineered to enable businesses to accept contactless card payments cards on-the-go, and will build on the existing device’s Chip and PIN functionality at an affordable price point.

Key Data Points:

          4 in 5 Australian say that they will support Aussie small businesses wherever possible.

          7 in 10 Aussies stating that small businesses need the latest payments technology to be competitive.

          3 in 4 Australians say that having the latest payments technology helps small businesses to grow.

          60 per cent of Australian small business owners said that their day would be so much better if everyone used tap and go, saying that that it makes life much more efficient.

          Two thirds (70%) of Australians believe that all Aussie businesses should accept cards.