Pizza Hut has launched its iPhone app, featuring a GPS store finder function, which provides iPhone 3Gs users the ability to find their nearest Pizza Hut store by utilising GPS technology.
People hold up their iPhone 3Gs, the camera opens and the screen shows not only what is in front of the user, but small tabs highlighting the direction and distance of Pizza Hut locations nearby.
“Point north, south east or west and the locations change before your eyes – everyone will love this feature and it’s so much fun to use,” said Pizza Hut Australia marketing director Valerie Kubizniak.
“Importantly, of course, the app offers all iPhone users an easy and fun way of ordering from Pizza Hut – just drag, drop, spin and slide through the simple and fast ordering process. It’s cool and functional – the perfect combination,” said Kubizniak.
Pizza Hut’s iPhone app has been specially created for the local market, taking the best from the hugely popular US version and adding an Aussie twist.
“Interest in the Pizza Hut iPhone app was hot even before the local version was available, with Australians already attempting to download the US app in the days after it launched so we’re confident it will be a hit,” said Kubizniak.
The app can be viewed at and downloaded from the iTunes store.