Pizza Hut has declared its new Australian iPhone app a hit with 70,000 downloads in its first 30 days.
Pizza Hut Australia marketing director Valerie Kubizniak said some of the apps’ functions had generated lots of interest.
“The cutting edge augmented reality function and the easy-to-order functionality of the app have generated fantastic interest and great reviews – it has tracked well above our expectations.”
The augmented reality function or GPS store finder provides iPhone 3Gs users with the ability to find their nearest Pizza Hut store by utilising GPS technology. People hold up their iPhone 3Gs, the camera opens and the screen shows not only what is in front of the user, but small tabs highlighting the direction and distance of Pizza Hut locations nearby.
Pizza Hut has also announced further enhancements to the new app with additional features such as the ability to customize pizzas plus exclusive deals for iPhone app users.
In addition, Pizza Hut will launch its 3G mobile ordering this month.
The app can be viewed at and downloaded from the iTunes store.