PayPal has partnered up with hospitality POS provider OrderMate as it continues to expand its cashless and cardless payment option in the offline space.

Since launching Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) in November 2013, PayPal has been working with point of sale (POS) software providers such as Kounta, MICROS, Island Pacific and Vend to integrate its offline payments system in existing and future point of sale solutions.

PayPal is continuing this strategy with OrderMate, which has network of over 1,000 cafés, bars and restaurants across the country. This will mean OrderMate’s hospitality retailers will be able to offer their customers to ‘check-in’ and pay using their PayPal account on their smartphones. At the same time, for those integrating Beat The Q, it allows PayPal customers to ‘order ahead’ through their smartphones.

Jeff Clementz, managing director of PayPal Australia said this will help retailers establish a more direct, deeper and personalised relationship with their customers.

“Mobile has driven dramatic shifts in the path to purchase, providing Australian retailers with more opportunities to interact with their customers and engage with them at a number of touch points beyond the traditional storefront,” he said.

“Over the last year, PayPal has been collaborating with hospitality and POS companies to provide more flexible and secure payment options for Australian consumers, making it easier than ever to pay how they want, when they want.”

The company also believes the rollout is a step closer to a time when the traditional wallet will be left at home.

“As we continue to work in collaboration with other leading entrepreneurs and innovators of all sizes, PayPal’s mobile application will increasingly be seen as a destination for consumers to browse local businesses, order ahead and transact at point of sale,” Hill Ferguson, PayPal vice president of global product, said.

“The way we differentiate from our competitors is our maniacal focus on creating consumer solutions that harness the power of connected networks, solving real customer pain points and consistently looking for opportunities to simplify the lives of our customers.”