By Aimee Chanthadavong

Further driving the blur between online and offline retailing, PayPal has launched its new in-store payment option in Australia.

It has teamed up with point of sale software vendors to bring its cash-less and card-less in-store payment option into Australian shopping centres and retail stores for the first time, following its successful launch in the United States last year.

The launch PayPal Here APIs allows point of sale (POS) software providers – MICROS, Island Pacific, Kounta and Vend – to integrate PayPal payments into current and future solutions. For retailers, this means that PayPal technology can now be integrated into their existing POS solutions.

The PayPal innovation allows customers to pay without cash or card by accessing their PayPal account Customers use a mobile app to locate and then check-in at the store. Once checked in, they are able to place orders and pay using their PayPal account.

Meanwhile, retailers are provided with information about the customers that are checked in at the store – name and photo ID – via the point of sale terminal.

“It’s a new way for consumers to access their digital wallets and POS and transform the engagement model between consumers and merchants,” Jeff Clementz, PayPal Australia vice president, says.

“We think we can transform not only the consumer experience by saving time and provide rewards and loyalty but also have consumers feeling more known.

“For merchants it means changing the flow in the store and building that interaction with their customers.”

Retailers already involved in the roll-out include Guzman Y Goemz, Glue Store, Sonoma Baker and Crayons.

Andrew Connole, founder of Sydney-based Sonoma Bakery, described using PayPal Here API as a win-win situation.

“We’re able to provide faster and efficient service to our customers,” he says.

“Our customers can find our retail store, check in and pay using their mobile phones so it means they don’t have to use cash and that mean it’s a seamless proces and it allows us to build a rapport in understanding our customers.”