Members-only online shopping club Ozsale partnered with Akamai to drive customer satisfaction and business growth.

The online shopping hub, which has 7 million members and forecasts to double its revenue in 2013, recognised it was continuously challenged to maintain performance during peak sale events that were occurring multiple times per day and was after a solution that would increase scale and performance on desktop mobile and tablets regardless of demand.

As a result, Ozsale implemented Akamai’s Aqua Ion and Aqua Ion Mobile and have been able to expand their business into new markets in Asia and complete acquisitions with minimal technical effort and avoid additional infrastructure investment.

“The flexibility and agility of the Akamai solution has allowed OZSALE to open up new markets including New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand without deploying additional infrastructure. Additionally we acquired a competitor, Buyinvite, and Akamai provided us with the agility to migrate them to our core solution in only 8 weeks and without the need for additional technology investment,” Gavin Cliffe, Ozsale CTO, said.

At the same time, Ozsale reported they were able see immediate improvement, hitting $1.3 million in revenue in just 24 hours. A total of 50, 000 items were sold at a rate of one item per 1.7 seconds, with 30 per cent of transactions made via mobile, including apps.

“The amazing influx of new customers is a testament to the effectiveness and value of Akamai’s solutions. The combination of Aqua Ion, Aqua Ion Mobile and expert advice from Akamai Professional Services means that we can continue to deliver an experience that meets site visitor expectations even under extremely high demand,” Cliffe said.