Sydney based promotional technology importer Ozibadge Promotional Technology recently released a new cutting edge video screen technology called the Transparent LCD Showcase (
Ozibadge director Ajan Khanna says the point of sale product showcase, which will be launched at the Retail Expo this September, uses transparent video screen technology to create a dazzling impact for showcased products.
“Transparent LCD showcases allow a product to be placed behind a transparent video screen, which allows both the product to be seen (through the screen) and the video promoting the product to also be seen at the same time,” he says.
“Transparent showcases use a full HD media player to play video content (for non touch screen models) and use a PC to transmit flash content to the screen for touch screen models.”
Powerhouse Museum IT manager Dan Collins is keen to implement the new technology, which he thinks will have a big impact on the development of a number of its exhibitions.
“It is an exciting technology; we’ll now be able to provide our visitors much more information about our collection while they are viewing the objects,” he says. “We can now tell the ‘story’ of objects that would otherwise not have been as engaging to the visitor.”
According to Khanna, the technology will help retailers immensely as it provides an effective way to draw attention to a product and create a ‘mesmerising’ dream-like effect which allows a product, its packaging and a video describing the product to be seen all at the same time.
“The days where retailers just place a product on a shelf and expect it to sell itself are numbered. We are living in a new age of technology where consumers have instant access to information and are more savvy than ever before. With this information, consumers are armed to make better informed decisions and they seek visual stimulation and more engaging ways to do their shopping,” he explains. 
Khanna believes the transparent retail showcase will set a new standard for modern day displays and eventually retailers will have no choice but to get up to date with the way they communicate information to their customers.
“Transparent LCD screens will shape the future of retail advertising and will soon be seen throughout shopping centres, on shopfront windows, vending machines and in many other applications including showcasing architectural displays, commercial refrigerators and freezers, and much more.”
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