oOh!media has unveiled its latest digital product at its creative and technology oOhplus! expo showcase in Melbourne.

Gesture control for ShopaLite panels, which allows shoppers to interact, manipulate and control content by waving your hands, clapping, dancing or even smiling, will be available on 150 shopping centre panels nationally and is on show at Melbourne’s Smart Artz Gallery along with 20 other technology applications.
oOh!media’s operations manager John Purcell said the interactivity through gestures uses technology such as Microsoft Kinect from the Xbox, which detects a person’s presence, digitally maps their body and allows them to control the screen without needing any additional device.
“Gesture control is a powerful way to deliver advertising messages as it engages people and attracts a crowd as everyone wants to have a go,” he said.
Other technologies on display at the Melbourne showcase this week include near-field communications, augmented reality technology and dispensing ShopaLites, which distribute gift cards or discount vouchers to consumers in campaignable quantities.
“In the face of other sectors struggling or losing market share, outdoor continues to grow because it gets noticed through continued investment in creative and technology, as people spend more time away from home.”