Corinthian has teamed with Australian manufacturer Carter Holt Harvey to offer builders the benefits of new distinctive green mouldings. The ULTRAprime moulding meets AS/NZS 1859.2.2004 for moisture resistance and the E-zero Australian Standard for (0.5mg/l) formaldehyde emission for MDF.

The product is independently tested by the Australian Wood Panels Association. The MDF used meets criteria for recycled and rapidly renewable resources for building products as specified by the Green Building Council in the US.

The new moulding’s moisture resistance properties are of important benefit to builders working in regions prone to humidity and who can face significant maintenance hassles if products fail to perform to standard by swelling.

In an independently supervised test, ULTRAprime and a commonly used, lower priced moulding were submerged in water for 24 hours. ULTRAprime showed no sign of swelling, cracking or bowing. Pre-primed for a superior installation, ULTRAprime is painted a distinctive light green colour.

Other features include a no ‘volcano’ effect when nailed according to guidelines, guaranteed no buckling, splitting or warping, an ultra-smooth surface for painting and no grin-through from the pale green primer, and low density easy handling.

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