Global industry body, Point of Purchase Advertising International (POPAI) Australia & New Zealand, has launched a new web site dedicated to digitally based in-store marketing at retail.

This new site is a proactive action by POPAI Australia & New Zealand on behalf of its members and follows on from the launch of similar POPAI International sites in the UK and USA.

Responding to the success of in-house digital product merchandising systems used in the US by Wal-Mart and in the UK by ADSA and Tesco, POPAI Australia & New Zealand’s chair, Michael Farley, believes that it is only a matter of time before this technology is also embraced by major brands and retailers in Australia and New Zealand.

The new POPAI web site provides a single source for retailers, marketers and agencies to POPAI member companies that are able to provide a full in-store digital merchandising solution including software, content, hardware, media sales and a complete system delivery.

POPAI’s new web site also ensures that visitors are kept up to date with global trends. The site features breaking news from around the globe and provides access to other relevant global sites.

Visit or for everything you need to know about the worldwide trend toward in-store digital marketing including digital products like in-store TV, product information kiosks, smart shelf technology and more.

For further information contact POPAI Australia & New Zealand chair, Michael Farley, on (02) 9975 7655.