Domino’s Pizza has unveiled a new store design for its stores across Australia and New Zealand.
The new design, which was launched earlier this year, has already been applied to nine stores with a further 12 stores expected to be completed by the end of September.
Domino’s Pizza chief development officer Andy Masood said the new-look design was focused on improving the overall customer experience.
“The new-look store design has a very different feel to our current model. The softer tones and wood panelling provide a more welcoming but contemporary feel for customers,” said Masood.
“We’ve moved away from the bright florescent lights and introduced a more subtle design palette which still incorporates the red and blue of the Domino’s logo.
“With the focus on improving the customer area of our stores, the new concept creates a modern environment for customers while also making the menu and front counter easier to navigate.”
Design elements of the new look include a combination of natural rock feature walls, timber panels, recessed ceilings with shadow lights, repositioned menu boards and wall graphics.
A large selection of materials, colours, graphics and finishes have been developed as part of the new concept to ensure stores can tailor the look to suit their geographical location, size and shape of their store.
Domino’s CEO Don Meij said the new store design is part of Domino’s overall reinvigorated brand positioning which is designed to give customers a better overall experience.
“This is about re-energising our stores and building a stronger focus on what our customers want going forward.
“This is only the start for us and over the next three years we will continue to introduce more customer-focused initiatives, to boost our brand and reinvent what people think about us.”
Domino’s Pizza Enterprises Ltd and its franchisees have 521 stores across Australia and New Zealand, employing more than 14,000 part-time and full-time staff.