The days of using phone books to prop up computer monitors are gone. A selection of new mounting poles is changing the look and function of small work spaces.

Pole mounted flat screens are becoming increasingly popular in small work areas and are making an enormous impact in retail environments as point-of-sale displays. To date, many pole mounts have been static and offered minimal movement. Now a new quick-release device is taking their popularity to new heights.

Skunkworks’ new VariQuick mechanism allows the height and angle of the screen to be adjusted with the flick of a lever. Effectively, once released, the bracket can slide up and down the pole and then be locked off at any desired position.

The VariQuick mechanism is featured in Skunkworks’ Polo range. There are 21 models in the range, six incorporating VariQuick. These mounts have been designed to meet the exacting standards of appearance and functionality required for point-of-sale displays. They feature stylish chrome and black powder-coated poles.

Suitable for stores, exhibitions and any front-of-house application, these mounting solutions suit both television and computer screens, including touch-screens. They are also popular as a desk mount in an office environment where space is an issue. In the case of work stations that have multiple users, the Polo models that have VariQuick can be adjusted easily for each new user’s desired viewing angle.

Included in the range is a selection of stands with a combination of close fitting and extendable arms that have either a versatile C-clamp mounting or a neat grommet fixing. Again for work station applications, those models fitted with a C-clamp can be completely relocated to other parts of the desk or other workstations. The grommet mounts are screwed directly into the desk and have 360° degree movement at the base of the pole.

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