Computing provider AOPEN and local design firm Red Design Group have partnered to launch the Retail Evolution Lab in Melbourne  to help and show retailers how they can improve their in-store engagement.

The space has been developed for retailers to design, test and trial new retail technologies in a “real” in-store environment. The ‘lab’ space brings a tech-enriched retail experience to life, where clients can design custom store environments with the latest in digital signage, touch devices and facial recognition technologies, which will see both firms working with leading Australian and international retail brands to transform their storefronts, signage and shelf price labels to life to give consumers new ways to engage with their in-store experience.

“With global online retail brands like ASOS and Amazon now part of a shopaholic’s everyday conversation alongside local favorites, there’s no disputing that customers are demanding convenient and engaging ways to shop both online and offline,” said Stephen Borg, global strategy director for AOPEN.

“Yet what builds business and loyalty for retail brands on and off the web is a superior customer experience, spanning both service and shop quality meaning that the game is certainly not over for bricks and mortar retailers…it’s simply evolving.”

All the concepts that are displayed will be made commercially available and ready for implementation within months.