BRiN is a new smart phone app that provides business education for free. With 80 topics to choose from, it provides access to a library of business videos with expert advice from business advisors. Users can create their own playlists and switch seamlessly from audio to video.
There are currently over 500 business videos within the app and by the end of 2016 there will be over 1,000. The content covers everything from coming up with your business name, building a website, acquiring customers and hiring staff to managing your finances.
“Our goal is to make business education free and accessible to millions of people around the world that own their own small business or are planning to start one soon,” says founder and CEO Dale Beaumont.
“There are 500 million business owners on the planet but sadly one in 10 (50 million) fail every year. Given the scale of the problem we realised conventional business models based on one-to-one coaching, meet ups or live events weren’t going to cut it. And that’s when the idea of BRiN was born.”
There are two big reasons why business owners fail, says Beaumont. The first is a lack of education and the second is a lack of support. BRiN makes education accessible and support instant to millions of business owners around the world. And, because entrepreneurs are busy people, the app gives users the choice to watch or listen to the content, meaning users can learn while driving or exercising.
Early results indicate over 3,000 users signing up for the service within the first seven days and Beaumont says the goal is to get one million business owners using BRiN within the next 12 to 18 months. Once the target has been met, video ads, in-app purchases and a monthly subscription for premium features and content will be introduced.
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