Critics of the National Broadband Network are being urged to look at how it could potentially assist retailers and logistics companies alike, according to DB Schenker.

Ron Koehler, CEO, Schenker Australia said a high speed communications infrastructure like the NBN will any roadblock that is impeding on e-commerce growth.

“The fact that 20 per cent of online retailers have identified logistics and delivery as the single biggest barrier is a wake-up call to everybody,” he said. “Another 12 per cent nominated warehouse and ranging.

“The NBN will be the tool to dismantle those barriers and dramatically reduce delivery times and costs of goods bought online.”

Speaking for experience at the recent 2012 CeBIT Conference, Koehler said: “We have customers, handling extremely large files, containing tens of thousands of client orders worth millions in sales, that have to stop all other data processing activities in order to ensure sufficient network bandwidth when transmitting to DB Schenker.”

 “The outcomes for clients and consumers should mean cost savings throughout the supply chain network and greater efficiencies and profitability.”