JB Hi-Fi in Dandenong has recently received a new fit-out including new counters, check-outs and hang-sell displays, which have all been created using a multi-purpose, panel product called Plaspanel.

Plaspanel lightweight panels are manufactured from recycled plastic using a unique moulding process. The smooth panels are non-stick so clean easily, are durable and hard wearing and won’t delaminate or absorb moisture.

“ Plaspanel is very robust in application,” says Kelvin Kershaw from Complete Shopfitters. “Anywhere there is wear or weathering, it’s ideal.”

Because Plaspanel is coloured all the way through, any accidental scratches or chips that occur during install, don’t show up. Plaspanel is easy to work with and can be welded, drilled and mechanically fixed with standard tools.

According to Kershaw, the product is so hard-wearing that he is even installing it at Kmart for bumpers around check-outs – just the thing for a wayward trolley.