More retailers are looking to use mobile devices on their shop floors to manage inventory, input real-time data into CRM systems and enhance customer service.
Fifty-seven per cent of shoppers surveyed by AisleBuyer think retailers that use tablets and other mobile devices in place of cash registers are more innovative than stores who do not use these new technologies.
The increased interest in Tablet PCs has led to the development of mobile devices tailored to the retail industry, which allow retailers to check stock levels at the point of service—in the US, a number of retailers including Sears and Lowe’s spread inventory information to employees via tablets, meaning shop assistants can update customers on product availability at the point of service rather than potentially losing the sale.
It also allows access and add to CRM and loyalty systems—high end department store, Nordstrom, has equipped staff with mobile devices so they can access information about a customer’s past purchases and brand preferences at the point of service.
“Research shows that over 2.6 million tablets have been sold in Australia,” says Brett Gross, Australia and New Zealand country manager at Motion Computing. “This consumer boom means we are selling more industry tablets than ever, particularly the retail to distribution industries.”