By Kymberly Martin

When it comes to online scams the AV space is vulnerable, reckons Appliances Online general manager, Peter Harris.

“We have noticed a higher percentage of online fraud attempts taking place within the audio-visual space, in comparison to whitegoods,” Harris told RetailBiz.

And it is not just consumers who need to learn about safe shopping online. “Business also has a responsibility to prevent online fraud occurring in the first place,” he said.

In the past four months, Appliances Online stopped more than $220,000 worth of fraudulent transactions and around 70 per cent of these were orders for audio-visual products, Harris said.

“Since starting the national business seven years ago we have noticed a staggering increase in the number of attempted frauds and tactics have become more sophisticated. The reality is that we live in a connected world and online fraud can take place within any industry.”

The retailer has various systems in place to detect and stop these deceptions from taking place.

As part of its delivery process, drivers require customers to show photo ID on delivery. Retailers should also invest in software to help identify high-risk orders, Harris said.  Other tips were following up credit cards that use various delivery addresses, monitor IP addresses to ensure these are consistent with credit card information and confirm high-value orders with customers.