In-store media and music retail business Mood Media has helped transform the PUMA store in Paris.

As part of a complete re-design of the retail store, Mood Media helped PUMA create an immersive shopping experience by incorporating video screens featuring dynamic content throughout the store.

Large video walls, approximately 2.4 metres tall by 1.2 metres wide have been integreated into the store exterior windows. Featuring video of "human mannequins" sporting PUMA's wide range of clothing and accessories, the screens provide a vivid and dynamic element to the store's exterior.

Two 3.2 metre wide and 61cm tall video walls have also been installed on the ceiling of the first floor. These video walls offer hypnotic, slow moving visuals showing overhead views of a variety of scenarios, from fluffy clouds and airplanes, to underwater scenes with the bellies of sharks.

Mood Media’s content management software, TeamCo, manages changing content throughout the day and delivers high-definition (HD) video to every screen. Content can be updated remotely to reflect changing collections and promotions.

"Partnering with Mood Media supports the development of PUMA's next generation in audio and visual shopping experience and consumer engagement,” Ales Kernjak, head of global store concept at PUMA, said.