StreetHawk has launched a mobile cloud platform and application that can assist retailers to drive foot traffic in-store.

Through StreetHawk’s cloud-based ‘RRR Matching Engine’ – which means getting the best message to the right person, at the right place and at the right time – retailers to send personal notifications to shoppers based on their preferences and behaviours when they are close to stores.

For example, a customer would receive a phone notification reminding them about a particular item, which will provide detail about the item’s cost and that it is nearby.

Natasha Rawlings, ‘chief Hawk’, said it acts as a form of set-and-forget marketing communication, making it highly personal and relevant to every shopper while facilitating on the impulse buyer.

“Most retailers who have Apps realise that releasing an App is easy compared to keeping an active engagement with their audience – 50 per cent of apps are abandoned after three uses,” she said.

“With StreetHawk’s RRR Matching Engine, retailers can give their apps maximum utility so shoppers keep using them and have maximum engagement. Our own app has an active rate of more than 20 per cent – unheard of with most other retail apps.”

The RRR Matching Engine can also be used for alerting shoppers to flash-sales, in-store events and special offers.

At the same time, if shoppers save their ‘search’, StreetHawk can hunt for them 24/7 and send shoppers a phone notification when it finds the items they want in the shops around them. All ‘Searches’ are matched in real-time against up to 150,000 items from a number of participating stores including General Pants, Country Road and Supre.