By Aimee Chanthadavong

UK-based mobile coupon issuance and redemption provider Eagle Eye Solutions has launched MiVoucher in Australia.

, which stands for mobile integrated voucher, is a patented technology solution that allows secure redemption of mobile coupons and gift cards using an eftpos terminal. It is also a device, carrier and operating system platform that can deliver mobile coupons or mobile gift cards to any mobile.

Speaking to RetailBiz, Nick Saphin, executive chairman of Eagle Eye Solutions Asia Pacific, said the system can operate with the eftpos system in two ways: integrated or non-integrated.

“Run a campaign by either sending an SMS or e-mail about an offer and customers can take that offer, which has a coupon number on it, to the retailer and then the retailer would just press the right function on the eftpos machine, punch in the coupon number and the process will go through if the coupon number is valid,” he said.

Since the launch of it in the UK since 1999, some of its customers include T-Mobile and Karen Millen..

According to Saphin, the company is currently in talks with rolling it out with Australian retailers in hope that they will be able to witness the benefits of its use.

“Mobile marketing is expanding quite dramatically. What MiVoucher brings is the missing link between allow customers to redeem a coupon and retailers be able to see real time ROI with increase in foot traffic and basket size,” he said.