Mitsubishi Electric Australia has released its latest large LCD panel. The 37” LCD display is the perfect way to display eye catching digital signage. Designed primarily for the display of video and messaging content – it’s perfect for retail locations, corporate board rooms, class rooms, or kiosks.
The tile matrix capability means multiple LCD panels can be linked together to form one configuration, providing the opportunity to display a complete image on one gigantic panel. In large commercial spaces this application means digital signage can be delivered with maximum impact.

The high contrast display incorporates motion shift and S-Gamma control; a screen protection feature which moves the images minutely in different directions to stop the image retention (burn-in) which can occur after extended use.  Another screen saving feature includes a cooling fan operation.  The picture quality is also enhanced by its 1200:1 high contrast ratio and a brightness level of 500cd/m.

“Digital signage is becoming increasingly mainstream, due to the high impact, flexibility and professionalism it can deliver.  In particular retailers can use this medium for competitive advantage, displaying and changing advertising or sales messages at short notice.  A series of these screens linked together will create a gigantic image, resulting in maximum impact”, said Paul Calderara, Mitsubishi Electric’s Digital Electronics General Manager.
The LDT371V comes with Picture in Picture (PIP) technology so it is possible to have two images running on one screen at the same time. The display also has a rapid response time of 6 milliseconds which ensures fast moving pictures are free of ghosting.

Mitsubishi Electric has included a number of features to extend the life of its panels. The LDT371V can detect when an input signal is no longer active and will automatically switch to power save mode to help protect the display. It also has a built in scheduling facility, which allows the user to set automatic times for the display to switch on and off. Both features ensure the model is working for the hours you want, while conserving the lifespan for the remainder of the time.
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