There are plenty of nice shops to be found, but only the perfect mix of shop furnishing, colours, materials, lighting and visual merchandising can turn the customers into real fans. At EuroShop 2008, EHI – a research, training and consultancy institute for the retail industry and its partners – will, for the first time, present a EuroShop Retail Design Award to the best shops showing the most successful concepts.

These prizes will be awarded at the EuroShop Retail Design Conference in Düsseldorf on 23 February 2008 (formerly known as the Architects and Designers Day).

An international team of experts, including representatives of leading media and trade organisations, will put forward the best shops of their respective homelands. Subsequently, the members of the jury will select the three best stores among those candidates. The criteria applied will include, apart from a successful design, an integrated and consistent (store-) concept with a clear message as far as assortment is concerned, an unambiguous target group approach and a clearly recognisable corporate design.