Six McDonald’s restaurants in NSW have installed a robbery prevention system to catch burglars in the act.

The SelectaDNA spray system installed by SNP Security acts as a crime-deterrent by 'tagging' criminals with invisible DNA spray at the crime scene, enhancing the likelihood of catching the offenders. 

Tom Roche, SNP Security managing director, says the spray has already proven a successful crime reduction tool and burglary deterrent in many countries around the world.

“The spray is mounted on the ceiling and, when activated via a remote control, will emit a fine mist of SelectaDNA's solution onto the offender while simultaneously notifying the local police of the incident in real time,” he said.

"The spray solution glows blue under ultraviolet light and is completely insoluble, remaining on a criminal's skin for up to two weeks. When the solution is analysed, the unique DNA marker present in each SelectaDNA spray provides the police with irrefutable evidence of the offender’s crime.

“This product will complement McDonald's comprehensive suite of security measures in place to actively deter crime, particularly burglary and armed robbery."

McDonald’s is the first company in Australia to use the technology.

A spokesperson from NSW Police endorsed McDonald’s move to upgrade its crime prevention measures, saying any moves which aim to deter criminals are welcomed by police.

“With a large respected organisation such as McDonald’s embracing this technology, we would hope others will follow suit.”