Two new security products have been launched this year to equip shop owners in their battle against stock theft.
Tinfoil theft, a rapidly increasing form of theft, is considered a huge cost to store owners.

Tinfoil theft devices are often called booster bags or boxes. They work by hiding the electronic tag from the security system, preventing its detection.

Called MetalPoint, the first product detects a high presence of metals or foils on customers by antennae placed at shop doorways. Staff is alerted by a silent alarm such as a hand held pager being activated. They are then enabled to observe the customer concerned.

Accompanying MetalPoint, Checkpoint has launched a line alarm monitoring system called MemoAgent. Memo Agent is designed to protect a wide range of high value items including electronics, power tools and clothing.

MemoAgent incorporates product tethers with electronic sensors. When a sensor is removed, or the sensor cable tampered with an alarm is activated. The alarm will continue until cleared by a valid electronic key.

Two unique aspects of the system are the recording of detailed information about alarm activations, and each user keys being distinct by the electronic coding it carries.