By Aimee Chanthadavong

ADT Security has introduced a new security system using liquid technology that will help retailers reduce theft.

Mark Norton, ADT Security Australia managing director, told Retailbiz that retailers such as pubs, jewellers, convenience stores and service stations are traditionally seen as easy targets.

“We are always hearing from retailers, seeking advice on security system upgrades, but many of them are still quite cautious,” he said.

“The financial and emotional costs of crime can easily cripple a small business but return on investment is crucial, particularly during tough times. We advise retailers choose an effective solution which addresses their security challenges and assists in improving their bottom line results.”

DNA Guardian is an all-in-one in-store unit that contains a chemical solution, which can be activated either by pressing a panic button or through a remote device. It can be sprayed unnoticed on suspects as well as the goods up to 15 times each time it is activated.  The spray is a fine colourless mist that lasts on the skin for up to six weeks and can be used to help police in the possible recovery of goods and identification of offenders.

“DNA Guardian will be an attractive security solution for retailers as it offers a two-pronged approach to combating crime – prevention and prosecution,” Norton said.

“By establishing a forensic link between a suspect and a specific crime scene, the system offers police the highest possible chance of securing a conviction. Better still, by intensifying an offender’s fear of being caught, the system can actually help prevent crime when used in conjunction with signage.”

Similar systems used overseas have reduced theft by 84 per cent and achieved a 100 per cent conviction rate in court, according to the Smart Forensics website.