This year’s Security 2012 Exhibition will showcase the latest industry security innovations for the retail sector, ranging from alarms, CCTV and access technologies to cash-in-transit security and service providers.
According to the Australian Retailers Association, it is estimated that retail crime costs Australia a massive $7.5 billion a year, of which NSW counts for 30 per cent.
“It is common knowledge in the retail industry that standard alarm and CCTV surveillance systems are little deterrent to seasoned criminals who commonly return to the same business premises time and again,” says Brad White, managing director, Videofied, who will be exhibiting at the security exhibition.
“When assessing after-hours security technology it is important to consider solutions that will not only catch the criminal in the act, but prevent the crime being repeated in the future by ensuring the police can successfully prosecute.”
The retail sector is also expected to make significant investments in next generation alarm systems, CCTV and access technologies such as wireless ID tags, to improve in-store security.
“Next-generation typically means that devices are IP-enabled (connected to the internet), so that multiple devices can feed information from each other and the store can be more easily connected to external systems such as shopping centre security and law enforcement, to trigger a timely response,” says Brett Judd, exhibition director of Security 2012 Exhibition.
“Store design will also evolve so that even at times with only skeleton staff, shoplifting can be minimised, for example, by avoiding corners and aisles with poor visibility. Cash in transit is another area for retailers to heed and Security 2012 Exhibition will showcase the latest in secure vehicle design and training programs in this area,” he adds.
Security 2012 Exhibition is held in Sydney from 25 to 27 July.