Shopping aggregate site Lasoo has refreshed its iPhone and iPad app that enable users to go beyond product comparsion.

As part of the revamp, users can scan barcodes to find prices, location and availability of products, follow products or people who share common shopping interests, share information via Facebook and Twitter and the ability to add product information if they don’t exist in the database.

But the main focus about the refreshed app is that it collates crowd sourced data from users who can share their purchases with other shoppers, creating an exclusive database that already comprises of 500,00 products. The Lasoo app is the only app that shows the price of the same product across multiple retailers.

“Consumers are continually turning to mobile devices to research, browse and purchase products, becoming an integral part of a shopper’s path to purchase.  The Lasoo App scanner functionality will now add another layer of mobile usage, with consumers using their Smartphones ‘at shelf’ before finalising what to buy,” the company said.

Watch this video to see how the Lasoo app works.