blueandbrown and The Laminex Group are launching a new range of designed tables: Connected with Level, a contemporary collection of designed surfaces which incorporate Laminex Fusion Customart.

With Laminex Fusion Customart, designers are able to custom-make their own surface designs and have it fused into a Fusion laminate. Virtually anything can become a laminate surface – from photographic images to textures, patterns, logos, symbols or text.

“Fusion Customart has allowed us to use a reliable, durable and green-rated finish to incorporate our contemporary graphic designs for commercial applications,” says Kirsten Brown, director of blueandbrown. 

Laminex utilises Australian production facilities, reducing lead times and providing blueandbrown input into the production process.

All original designs and concepts have been created in blueandbrown’s studio in Surry Hills, where designs are applied to a range of mediums, such as artwork for commercial projects, panel for workstations, furniture, woven textiles, glass panels and custom installations.

 “We are always seeking to reinvent existing base materials with some clever thinking and infusion of graphic design to produce well designed products for specifiers and project interiors. The use of Laminex Fusion Customart is a perfect of example of this,” says Brown.

The new Level table range will be launched at Brisbane Indesign on 26 May 2007 at the Corporate Culture showroom. The range will consist of over 60 ready-made designs and colours, but there will also be the opportunity for custom designs to be made for commercial projects.

All table surfaces using Laminex Fusion Surfaces are backed by a seven-year limited warranty.  Laminex Fusion Surfaces form part of the Greenfirst range – The Laminex Group’s answer to increasing awareness of the impact which building materials have on our environment – and have been independently certified by Good Environmental Choice Australia.