The latest Version of Photo.Teller software offers items such as printed gifts (t-shirts, mugs, jigsaw puzzles, canvas prints, key rings, mouse mats) digitally printed and bound photo albums and photo movies. These new high margin services are labour free for the retailers as the orders are sent electronically direct to a fulfilment centre where the goods are created and then sent back to the store in a fast turnaround time.

The kiosks are equipped with customer loyalty features that will generate membership details for customers and will automatically recognise the customer each time they come back to the kiosk, allowing the retailer to offer promotions to specific customers. The kiosks can also capture customer information such as phone number, address and e-mail, allowing retailers to engage in powerful marketing campaigns.

Photo.Teller kiosks can also be managed remotely, which means they can be placed in other stores or outside a store environment in places such as hotel lobbies and busy tourist spots. The kiosk will detect when it is low on paper or has run out of CDs. The kiosks are able to offer credit card payment facilities or payment can be made over the counter.