James Richardson’s deal with Ton.as for the exclusive Australian licence to distribute Tonster under its JR/SIT division adds this quality range to its existing line which includes exclusive ranges from international manufacturers like Altek, Ton, SedieFriuli, Steelcase, Pedrali, Daniel Paul and Tonon.

Imagine metal and wood interacting with complete harmony, connecting elegance and comfort with precision and creative flair, and you’re well on your way to divining the true nature of Tonster’s extraordinary appeal.

Ton.as, with over 140 years of continuous chair production in Europe (founded by Michaela Thoneta in 1861), has a tradition and reputation that is unequalled. The Tonster collection is a stunning, high quality and comfortable series that marries the strength of steel with the elegance and sophistication of European beech.

An engagingly simplistic, minimalist and acutely fashionable line of high quality designer chairs and stools, the Tonster collection affords both adaptability and versatility to a range of settings – providing functional, eye catching seating solutions for hospitality, corporate and residential.

From a hospitality trade perspective, the sheer functionality of the Tonster range of designer seating makes it an educated and advantageous investment for establishments, big or small. Lightweight, easy to stack, ergonomic, and designed with floor space optimisation in mind, the Tonster collection features chairs and stools with the potential to increase both cover numbers and minimise closing effort.

James Richardson has been satisfying a vast range of applications for cafes, restaurants, hotels, pubs/clubs, as well as corporate office and residential/designer markets for over 50 years – having forged its name as importer and assembler of TON Bentwood Chairs as far back as 1953.

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