Hettich has just released the latest product in its innovative, functional and design friendly sliding door fittings – the ‘InLine’ system in Australia. Cupboard systems equipped with the new InLine flush sliding door fitting from Hettich close to leave a perfectly flush surface. This means they can be used as a creative element in cabinet design.

The technically sophisticated fitting system from Hettich provides the capability of designing sliding door cupboards in such a way that all doors close in one plane to leave a flush surface. This not only looks good, it is also highly practical. If a three door cupboard is chosen, the middle door can be opened and pushed to either side.

Two of the three doors can also be placed on top of each other. To close the cupboard, you either slide it back to its original position or push one of the other two doors into the centre. This means that door positions can be interchanged in any way you wish. By selecting different materials and colours in the design of a cupboard, clients can change the fronts as they please.

The flush sliding door fitting supports doors weighing up to 50kg and is rated for door widths up to 1200mm as well as door heights up to 2500mm.

Hettich International, founded in Germany in 1930, is the world's largest producer of fittings for the furniture industry, cabinetmakers and the DIY segment. Hettich fittings are designed and manufactured to the highest standards and offer many benefits to end users.

For further information contact Hettich on (02) 9616 7777.

Caption: Hettich’s InLine fitting closes to leave a perfectly flush surface, giving more options for creative design.

Caption: As two doors can stack on each other it gives excellent access to the cupboard.