Retailers nowadays are constantly reminded about the importance of multi-channelling and now there’s technology that will allow consumers to connect their shopping experience to their online social network.

Brisbane-based digital signage company Five Faces have developed an interactive display system Social Eyes.

It is a technology that allows customers to view themselves in a mirrored image display. With a tap on the screen their photo can be taken and posted to their preferred social media site – such as Facebook, Twitter YouTube or Flickr – for real-time feedback from family and friends. Also, each photo is branded with the store logo, allowing friends of the customer to see where they’re shopping.

Yazz Krishna, Five Faces managing director and co-founder, said retailers can also harness SocialEyes to promote their brand, product and customer shopping experience in a single marketing platform via social media.

“SocialEyes accelerates the powerful word-of-mouth process for retailers by allowing customers to post, tag and receive feedback from their online community almost instantaneously,” he said.

“We think this will be a powerful brand marketing tool, due to social media’s viral nature, and we are already in discussions with several major national retail groups.”