IBM and OATSystems recently announced that they will jointly deliver RFID solutions in Australia and New Zealand. 
This partnership will help Australian retailers, consumer product companies and manufacturers harness the potential of RFID technology to deliver compelling business benefits in areas like inventory availability, promotions execution and asset management.
Since 2005, OATSystems and IBM have worked together to market an integrated offering comprising OATSystems RFID applications, IBM’s RFID infrastructure software and IBM Global Business Services’ strategic input on business case development and system design.
“An RFID implementation should be about more than just the technology,” says Martin Dolce, business transformation consultant, IBM Global Business Services A/NZ.

”To be successful, business processes need to be reviewed and changed where necessary. That determination can only be made by engaging stakeholders throughout the organisation such as finance, operations and IT. To maximise the value of RFID technology, organisations need to take a holistic view of their business and their key stakeholders within the business.”
Dolce says that IBM is committed to being technology agnostic, so that improvements or changes to supply chain management are about business benefit rather than technology for technology’s sake.
According to IBM, Australian businesses have been taking a ‘wait and see’ attitude to RFID, cautious to embrace what is perceived to be a relatively immature technology.
“However with greater accuracy rates, lower implementation costs, packaged applications and increasing benefits being derived from supply chain collaboration, attitudes in Australia are shifting to examine the potential the use of RFID,” says Dolce.
Another barrier to business adoption of RFID in Australia has been the lack of key skills. IBM has made a significant investment in this area, bringing in experts from overseas and upskilling engineers and consultants across ANZ.