Adobe CQ ecommerce has been integrated with the hybris Multichannel Suite to provide a single solution for personalising consumers’ shopping experience across all channels including online, mobile and social.
As providers of multichannel commerce and web content management, the integration of hybris and Adobe solutions will provide Australian organisations with a unified platform.
The provision of streamlined content authoring, management, content delivery and optimisation capabilities means Australian businesses will now be able to achieve a rapid time to market by quickly adapting web and mobile merchandising to the demands of the global marketplace. 
“Through partnership with Adobe and leveraging the strengths of our respective technologies, we are now delivering to market a platform to create consistent brand experiences across channels,” explains Ariel Lüdi, CEO of hybris.
“Our joint customers will benefit from Adobe’s broad leadership in web experience management and ours in multichannel commerce. The result will be clients who can rapidly deploy compelling commerce sites with rich, personalised content.”
Kevin Cochrane, vice president of product strategy and solution marketing at Adobe says the ability of online retailers to differentiate from competition is a must and the means for doing so is a consistent, personalised customer experience.
“Whether delivered on-premise or in the Cloud, on a desktop, tablet or smartphone, the online buying process has to be delivered flawlessly the first time,” he says. “Digital marketers can count on our web experience management solution and integrated CQ ecommerce capabilities married with hybris’ multichannel expertise to meet the heightened expectations of consumers.”
As part of the partnership, the companies are jointly selling and promoting the Adobe solution to customers worldwide, with implementation services provided by global agency and system integrator partners.