Hewlett-Packard (HP) has launched a new retail point of sale (RPOS) system to enhance the in-store experience for Australian small-to-medium retailers.
“The HP rp3000 is a great addition to HP’s durable RPOS offerings in Australia,” said Tyerell Allen, market development manager, retail point of sale systems, HP Australia.
“In a highly competitive retail industry, HP recognises that now, more than ever, independent and smaller retailers must focus on providing customers with the best in-store service to attract consumers and to sustain repeat spending.”
With dual desktop PC and POS functionality, the HP rp3000 allows retailers to focus on their business and drive the in-store experience. It allows them to anticipate customer needs by tracking purchasing habits, manage customer data, and to reduce customer wait times with quicker transactions and inventory management.
It has a retail-hardened design and three-year lifecycle. It is encased in a steel chassis tested to withstand long-term wear in typically rugged retail environments. As a compact solution, the HP rp3000 maximises counter and desk space. It has a specially designed integration tray that can be mounted on top of or under a cabinet. It is also highly energy efficient, boasting an oversized cooling system to enable a longer lifecycle and uninterrupted uptime in busy retail outlets.
“This unit is particularly suited to the Australian market as it is built to withstand high temperatures of up to 40°C, compared to an average ambient 35°C environment for business PCs,” said Allen.
“This means there’s no need for additional external cooling, which is important in a retail environment where the POS system often needs to be in operation 24/7.”
Retailers are able to customise the HP rp3000 based on their environment. HP peripherals for the HP rp3000 include a keyboard equipped with magnetic stripe reader, thermal receipt printer, cash drawer, customer display pole, touchscreen monitor, USB scanner, and integration tray. This allows retailers the ability to customise their POS solution based on their unique business needs from convenience stores, boutiques, grocery store chains to coffee shops. 
The HP rp3000 uses the energy-efficient Intel Atom processor to minimise operation costs. Featuring an oversized cooling system, the HP rp3000 requires less energy to operate and saves retailers on energy costs.
The HP rp3000 will be featured at this year’s Retail Expo at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre in August.