HP recently launched its first point of sale (POS) system for the Australian retail and hospitality market, suited to businesses of all sizes. The HP rp5700 POS system boasts a five-year lifecycle and is a stable and reliable PC for task-oriented and demanding business environments, offering optimal flexibility as either a POS solution or back office manager workstation.
Its scalability makes it suitable for an extensive range of retailers – from the locally owned corner store to a national franchise with thousands of locations. The innovative design and extensive features of the HP rp5700 POS system allow it to be used for processing customer transactions or function as a manager’s workstation.
Customised to withstand the rigors of the retail environment, the HP rp5700 POS is enhanced with peripheral support via the optional powered serial and USB ports, improved power and cooling capabilities. The system is also designed to maximise space in constrained work areas, such as check-out zones, by allowing retailers to position it vertically or horizontally. It is designed for easy serviceability with single latch entry into the unit, tool-less drive and motherboard removal, and rotating drive cage. Cables are colour-coded to make set-up easy.
“The new rp5700 POS system brings HP technology out of the back office and onto the retail floor in Australia. The retail-hardened design offers a five-year lifecycle, one of the lengthiest in the industry, providing customers with an extended transition time between platforms,” said Craig Hardman, market development manager, enterprise desktops, HP Australia.

“The HP rp5700 was also the first HP business desktop PC that qualified for the ‘Gold’ performance tier of the electronic products environmental assessment tool (EPEAT) registry, delivering significant energy savings to customers.”
The HP rp5700 provides the latest in energy efficient components, with a standard 80 per cent efficient power supply that is up to 15 per cent more efficient than standard power supplies – reducing both overall energy usage and the amount of waste heat released into the environment.
The rp5700 offers the reliability of Intel and Microsoft Windows technologies and available SATA hard drives with RAID support to offer customers PC technology that easily integrates with back-office infrastructure. It has flexible features, such as two half-height slots for PCI-E and optional dual monitor capability, two full-height PCI slots, and RAID support for dual SATA hard drives up to 250 gigabytes. The system also supports up to 10 USB ports, with two front and four back USB ports standard, with the option to add up to four powered USB ports.
The HP rp5700 gives customers the flexibility to customise their POS solution to their requirements with a broad selection of HP-branded POS peripherals. These peripherals are easy to set up and use, and are fully tested and integrated with the HP system to provide a reliable solution for a variety of POS transactions. Options include a 15-inch LCD touch screen monitor, cash drawer, USB barcode scanner, USB receipt printer, USB programmable POS keyboard and a USB magnetic stripe reader.
The HP rp5700 is available in Australia now for a starting from $1299 including GST.