By Aimee Chanthadavong

Currently used by over 200 retailers across Australia, Vectron’s Shop-Ezi suite has recently been installed by Farmers Foodworks in Dallas, Melbourne.

Philippa Smyth, Vectron marketing manager, told RetailBiz the Shop-Ezi suite been designed specifically for supermarkets and grocery stores.

“Shop-Ezi, which has been IGA accredited, was designed as part of a partnership with Gap Solutions that features state of the art touch screens that are easy for staff use,” she said.

She also added that the touch screens have been designed in a flip chart format with intuitive prompts to allow easy access during checkout.

“Retailers can get customers in and out of checkout quite quickly, giving stores a good turnaround at checkout.”

The Shop-Ezi suite includes systems for back office, point of sale, order and inventory control, shop floor scanning, ordering kiosk, self service and CCTV.

Smyth said Farmers Foodworks has also integrated Ezi-Mobile, a handheld wireless stock management as part of the Shop-Ezi suite, to its system.

“It allows the staff to stay out on the floor without having to run back and forth from the register, as well as being able to get the right prices down at the right time,” she said.“It also reduces price discrepancy on all items; it can also help setup price promotions or markdowns.”