For years, science fiction movies have presented images of futuristic shops and shopping centres with glowing electronic signs that greet each shopper with personalised information.

Turns out – this is no longer a futuristic dream.

Recent advancements in retail digital signage now allow stores to connect with customers in innovative ways.  Digital signage for retail provides up-to-the minute information regarding current inventory, sales and promotions. This helps savvy businesses provide valuable services to their consumers, improving the in-store experience.

Gone are the days of clunky digital screens that stand out like a sore thumb.  Today’s digital retail signage is sleek, modern and visually stunning and can be intelligently incorporated into your environment’s design.  It can create attractive and functional spaces, produce a visually stunning and fully customisable bridge to your brand personality.  

No-one knows the effectiveness of cutting-edge digital signage more so than Australia’s oldest department store, David Jones.  David Robinson, Chief Marketing Officer, tells us:

“We (David Jones) partnered with Mood Media to undertake our first major digital signage roll out at our newest store in Eastland, near Melbourne. We wished to gain a competitive digital edge at this state-of-the-art store and provide a world class shopping experience within a modern-day setting.”

“We tapped into Mood’s global knowledge of digital signage hardware systems, using their technical expertise at many stages of the roll out process. Mood advised what type of screens to install, what tint of glass would work best and recommended what content to consider for the multiple areas.”

“Our custom built digital signage solutions comprising large video walls, HD projectors together with the welcome screens have certainly got our customers talking. We know how important it is to create a memorable customer experience and adding audiovisual elements is an excellent way to move beyond a static product.”

“We have already seen the benefits of having multiple screens in several of our shopping zones – and coupled with our in-store music solution – now we are able to fluidly deploy promotional presentations and unique concepts to maintain a fresh presence on all floors and areas as well as  entertain and encourage shopper interaction at the same time.”

The foundation for any successful digital signage solution is not only the content featured but also the systems that deliver this content. Combining content and technology is key, you can’t have one without the other – and knowing what components are right for a system is a crucial step to creating the most effective in-store digital solution. By adopting the appropriate cutting-edge technologies and knowing how to implement them will enable you to offer appealing shopping environments.

Innovative signage can give your business the boost it needs to drastically increase customer interaction. By telling your brand story in a media-rich fashion, you will improve customer perception of your brand personality – which leads to increased revenue and in-store sales.   Is your business ready to step into the future? It has worked for David Jones, who has set the precedence for complex integrated audiovisual experiences in retail; it could work for you too.