Small and new business retailers in Australia are struggling to keep pace with competition in an increasingly digital world because, according to AVisum, the capital expense of digital signage is thought too risky without a clear indication of the value return.
Although market research confirms positive sales outcomes, retailers are clinging to traditional cardboard clutter and missing the opportunity to engage their customers, according to the AV engineering specialist.
AVisum is now inviting small and independent businesses in Sydney to engage in a free trial for up to a month, free of charge.
“AVisum is really committed to helping small and independent retailers access new technology that is affordable and makes a positive impact on their sales. We’re prepared to share the risk with small retailers that want first-hand experience at no cost. That’s why we’ve initiated this unique trial and we’re hoping retailers in Sydney will take advantage of it,” explains general manager, Peter McBride.
The trial, which commenced in May starts with a consultation and then the set-up of an AVisum Video Flyer – an all-in-one audiovisual, touch-screen media player.
Featuring a 6.4-inch colour LCD display encased in a damage resistant aluminium frame, the media player makes it simple and easy to create unique promotional and sales messages to interest customers.
It comes complete with software to configure the touch-screen, so customers can quickly access the details they want, when they want it.
Weighing less than 1kg, this compact digital media player with built-in speakers is ideal for creating maximum impact for those retailers with limited space. 
Parties interested in participating in the Cutout Cardboard Trial should contact Joseph Macintosh on 02 9809 5944 or