Fashion retailer Forever New sought the help of J2 to replace its ageing fleet of POS hardware.

Matthew Keays, Forever New IT general manager, said the retailer is always looking for ways to improve its in-store customer experience.

“Our company prides itself on the beautiful look of our stores. We had to keep this in mind when selecting a new POS. Because we’re in the women’s fashion and accessories business, we couldn’t have messy-looking POS terminals with cables protruding with our store experience,” he said.

“J2 terminals have powered USB ports and comms ports, and that reduces the number of cables and external power cords needed.”

But it wasn’t just the sleek, modern design of the terminals that appealed to Forever New and their IT team. Keays also added that performance was a key factor.

“After doing some extensive research, we discovered that J2 Retail Systems were the first to market with a terminal that provided a Sandy Bridge chipset within an all-in-one terminal. And that’s exactly the level of performance we were looking for,” he said.

Easy configuration and installation of POS terminals across multiple stores was also a critical factor for Forever New. “Because we’ve got close over 80 stores across Australia, we needed a solution that was easy to install and configure across multiple sites. Again, J2 Retail Systems met this requirement.”
J2’s capabilities were also able to offer international support to Forever New as it continues to expand overseas.

“Forever New were looking for international support for their overseas expansion in the USA and Canada. Our head office is based in the UK and we have wholly-owned subsidiaries over there, so we’re ideally placed to support Forever New in markets abroad,” Phil Wild, managing director of J2, said.