At one of the largest shopping centre openings in the US, a small Australian company, Abuzz Technologies, launched an advanced wayfinding kiosk system in the giant Westfield San Francisco redevelopment. 

Thousands of people came to the opening week, and used Abuzz wayfinders to navigate their way around the restored heritage-domed atrium and multiple levels to the many hundreds of retailers and services in the centre.

The kiosks provide touch screen directions and a range of quality customer interactions relating to the centre’s retailers and to localities and services in downtown San Francisco.

“Our goal was to design a world-class wayfinding solution and Westfield’s selection of our product is a great endorsement. This is a high-end development, designed to attract sophisticated shoppers and our kiosks fit in perfectly,” says Abuzz CEO Morgan Drew.

In the San Francisco centre, Westfield has installed 10 Abuzz interactive wayfinder kiosks, known as i-directories, as well as 10 backlit static panels.

 “This is the biggest retail development on the west coast of America and Abuzz has delivered a product that is perfectly suited to the calibre of the centre,” says Westfield general manager marketing, Michelle Vanzella.

“The kiosks are a real value-add for our retailers and our customers. They’ve been a huge hit in our Westfield Bondi Junction centre where they made their debut, and will no doubt be as popular at the newly-redeveloped Westfield Chermside where 10 wayfinder kiosks have been installed.”