Fashion retailer Jeans West has updated its customer loyalty program, increasing the number of registered customers to 500,000 from 200,000.
The new loyalty systems were implemented in three months as part of a restructure and relaunch of Jeanswest’s loyalty program.
“The new system is more sophisticated and it is easier to extract data which means we can target our customers more effectively,” said Jeanswest’s customer relationship and online manager in Melbourne Sarah Hayden.
“Our budget isn’t growing as fast as the member base and so we have to be smarter than before about what campaigns we do and who is most relevant to receive them.”
Retail solutions integrator and developer LoyaltyTech’s objective was to cost-effectively create and internet-based ‘in-the-cloud’ platform for Jeanswest, which has more than 220 stores in Australia and New Zealand.
However, the retailer needed a loyalty systems platform which went beyond the usual approaches.
“Loyalty programs are not just about the points,” said Matt Hampshire, LoyaltyTech’s managing director.,“They are about engaging more deeply with customers through sales, marketing and service.”
Hayden added it was not just about discounts and emails to customers either.
“We wanted to integrate all forms of communication including SMS, mail and social media like Facebook and Twitter in a relevant way to add value to customers’ shopping experience,” she said.
Because the new system can now drill into each store’s data and look at customer details such as size, garment colour and purchase date, it is possible to set up a query to invite appropriate customers to a specific store event.
“With triggered communications, the customer’s data will be analysed even further to trigger offers which are even more finely tuned to each individual,” said Hayden.
The new systems includes the customer’s first transaction when they sign up, providing a more immediate incentive to join the loyalty program.
“The focus in-store is on signing up members,” said Hayden. “I always say to our team members, if you can identify who our customers are and capture their details, it makes it my job to communicate with them and get them back in store, again and again.”
Jeanswest expects a rapid return on the investment within 12 months.