Marshal has released a scalable email security and management solution, MailMarshal SMTP 2006.  The software is the market's first to combine spam URL black list lookups (SURBL) and spam filtering based on country of origin. Offering more security enhancements than competitive solutions, MailMarshal SMTP 2006 is suitable for organisations from small and medium businesses to large enterprises.

MailMarshal SMTP 2006 introduces new anti-Spam technologies to augment and enhance its already impressive spam blocking capabilities. One of these technologies, called CountryCensor, allows customers to apply specialised anti-Spam settings to email that originates from different countries. This allows customers to be more accurate and sophisticated in how they manage Spam, or even deny Spam altogether from countries that they do not normally do business with. 

Aimed at outsmarting the most sophisticated Spam methods, MailMarshal SMTP 2006 also provides new anti-attack features for denial of service and directory harvesting attacks that can severely disrupt normal email operations. The software also features advanced HELO SMTP Receiver support to require connecting email servers to adhere to FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name) industry standards. 

MailMarshal SMTP 2006 is suitable for integration with any SMTP email environment including Exchange, Lotus Notes and others. Capable of scaling to hundreds of thousands of users and supporting multiple servers distributed over the globe, the software offers the most advanced enterprise management and control of email available.