By Patrick Avenell

The Good Guys has partnered with PayPal to introduce several new payment options for its customers. Designed to target online, mobile and catalogue customers, these new initiatives make it easier for consumers to pay for goods and are intended to increase The Good Guys’ online sales closing rates.

The new “digital timesaving tools” are:
• The ability to purchase directly from print and digital catalogues.
• The availability of ‘eGift cards’ that can be sent directly to the gift recipient.
• QR codes that can be scanned in store to receive further discounts.

The Good Guys CEO Michael Ford said digital was a major pillar in the traditionally bricks and mortar retailer’s Christmas plans.

“Digital is an incredible tool for customers when shopping,” Ford said. “This Christmas, we have worked to harness the tools available and apply them in a way that will see customers have a better shopping experience, where ‘in-store’ and ‘online’ are interconnected.

“Customers can now buy directly from our print and digital catalogues, purchase last minute eGift cards emailed directly to the recipient, and scan for discounts in store on the products they want.”

PayPal Australia director of merchant services Elena Wise said she was excited to be working with The Good Guys.

“The path to purchase is changing and technology is connecting consumers with products in multiple ways,” Wise said. “This shift is being driven primarily by mobile technology with the number of retail purchases by consumers on mobile devices set to reach $5.6 billion in 2012, up from $155 million in 2013.

“The future of shopping is about blending the best of offline and online commerce to create unique experiences and value for customers. We are thrilled to be working with The Good Guys to meet the needs of today’s hyper connected consumer.”

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