By Aimee Chanthadavong

To celebrate the Blu-ray and DVD release of Toy Story 3, oOh!media and their experiential arm oOhfactor! together with Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment Australia took the retail path-to-purchase environment to another level through an interactive projection zone. 

Kate Day, national manager, oOhfactor! told Retailbiz using the technology provided advertisers the final opportunity to engage with customers.

“Being in the retail environment consumers are already in the right frame of mind – they are in, or just about in, ‘buy mode” – which means they are more receptive to messages from advertisers. This combined with the Toy Story series being very well suited to this type execution (as opposed to other movie genres) means consumers become receptive to this technology that aims to engage with them,” she said.

“The entire path to purchase may start at home if a consumer sees a TV ad for a new breakfast cereal. While it may appeal to them right there and then, by the time they get to the shopping centre, their interest in the product may have decreased or been replaced by interest with a different product.
“Engaging the consumer again once they enter the retail environment has proven to help both recall and purchase intent.”

The interactive projection zone involved a life-size screen with motion sensors. It allowed shoppers to interact personally with their favourite Toy Story 3 characters that would pop-up in response to their movement. Each motion sensor prompted a different character to be revealed as the shoppers passed by.

Day said it was the first time the technology had been used in the retail environment.

“The technology itself has been around for a little while, but using motion sensors and projections to provide engaging content for shoppers within the retail environment can really provide a brand with an innovative way to reach consumers just prior to purchase,” she said.

“This concept provides the perfect opportunity for the Toy Story 3 launch on DVD and Blu-ray into retailers, not only for the engaging factor, but strategically placing the activation within the retail environment and just prior to the point of purchase.”

According to Day, shoppers were receptive to the interactive technology and this was reflective in retail sales.

“Sales have been brilliant!  When most shoppers have visited the zone they have spent on average around 4-5 minutes engaging with their favourite characters and have consistently requested information about the product, cost, retailers and availability. It’s been fantastic seeing kids respond to Buzz’s voice and watching their surprise. when he pops up!”