Image Design Technology (IDT) has released the first Immagine 3D-Layered Rear Projection Screens, designed and manufactured by Australian company Novix Systems. The screens provide high quality visual images with high resolution and image depth, along with viewing angles greater then 170 degrees on both horizontal and vertical axis.

Immagine screens are flexible and effective, and are set to challenge the need to use expensive LCD or plasma panels, making in-store displays more accessible. They also meet the growing demand for eye-catching displays in entertainment venues such as pubs, clubs and exhibitions along with retail venues such as shopping centres and store fronts.

Immagine 3D Layered Rear Projection Screen combine a 3D-layered polyester-based optical film and 6mm PMMA (Polymethylmethacrylate) panel, the first use of this technology in Australia.

Positioning and placement of the screen is also flexible, with a range of versatile options, such as a table-mount for a free-standing display, direct glass attachment brackets, ceiling mounts and floor-to-ceiling kits. This allows users to design a display that meets their exact requirements.

The rigid panel design and relatively low weight mean the screens are easily mounted and are resistant to curvature, unlike panels with electronics such as plasma or TFT, Immagine screens can be exposed to direct sunlight without long term damage. Security concerns can also be alleviated as the projector can be mounted up high with antitheft mountings well away from the screen, removing the need for boxed protection which is often seen with Plasma and LCD panels.