Discount Drug Stores has launched an online training portal for its employees and pharmacists.

The system has been designed by the group to strengthen the brand’s current in-house training system for its 110 pharmacies.

Douglas Kuskopf-Dallas, general manager of Discount Drug store, said a focus for the community-focused franchise is achieving excellent service this year.

“Discount Drug Stores has achieved significant and rapid growth over the past six years due to our systems and internal strategies that focus on providing customers with comprehensive, high quality healthcare services,” he said.

“In 2013, we want to strengthen this point of difference and we believe that to do this, we needed a new internal system that would give our in store personnel access to the very latest training and resources.”

The new online education portal will also streamline internal operations for Discount Drug Stores, with pharmacists and other pharmacy personnel now able to complete all their training in one place.

“By bringing all training in-house, it will be easier for our pharmacists to not only complete their required training but to access education resources and information that they would not have otherwise come across,” Kuskopf-Dallas said. “It will ensure our pharmacists are among the best in the industry and will give us an added edge over our competition.”

According to Kuskopf-Dallas, Discount Drug Stores has always pride itself on customer care and that the online training system will enable the brand to keep training consistent across all of its pharmacists and stores and in line with the company’s core founding values.

“We want to make sure that every Discount Drug Stores customer is receiving the same high level of service and attention,” he said. “This in-house online training portal will help us to achieve this and will aid our mission of cementing Discount Drug Stores as the leading pharmacy brand when it comes to delivering service excellence.”

Discount Drug Stores’ online training portal will be available to all of the brand’s employees, franchisees and pharmacists.